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 Coaching will change your life

For centuries, the world’s athletes have employed personal coaches to develop and enhance their performance.  Coaching in sports is familiar to us all and business, executive and life coaching (using many principles from the sports coaching model) is now spreading rapidly across the business world at an extraordinary rate. 

For small business owners or managers in a corporation or public institution, the calls on our time have never been greater.  The challenges facing us at work increase in line with constant demands for improved performance and added value, putting more and more pressure on employees to perform to even higher standards.  

At Le Marinel Consulting, we’re passionate about using coaching to help individuals reach and exceed their potential and we genuinely believe that every individual can achieve something extraordinary with a little help and encouragement. 

Performance coaching pro-actively contributes to the successful growth and development of both individuals and businesses so, if you’re not entirely clear what coaching is all about and who might benefit from it, then here are 6 key benefits that will help you to understand what it is and how it adds value in the workplace :

1.  Set Goals, Take Smarter Action, Get Better Results – Whether you’re a CEO, middle manager or first time supervisor, chances are that you don't get enough opportunity to find different and better ways of getting results.  We'll work with you to identify your business goals and objectives, link them with your professional and personal vision and plan consistent actions to reach them.

2.  Make better decisions for yourself and your business – We'll work with you to help you become focused as you share your ideas and start seeing things more clearly.  Your coach will understand you and be subjective enough to want a lot for you, yet objective enough to be un-biased.  Talking about your options with somebody who really listens is often enough to clarify things.

3.  Reach for more, much more - and not be consumed in the process.  When you have a partner you can trust, you reach for much more because you can afford to.  Your coach recognises your potential and gives you the space to truly excel and exceed your expectations and those of your company.

4.  Create a layer of accountability - Your coach will expect you to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it.  Be sure of achieving the results that you set out to achieve.

5.  Have a balanced life - because you designed it!  Professional success is maximised when you enjoy a sense of personal fulfilment and life balance.  Your coach will discuss with you how to carve out enough time so that your life outside of work is as fulfilling as is is during the workday.

6.  Have a lot more sustainable energy - get rid of the things that are draining you.  Identify the things, people and situations that are draining your energy so, with a great diet, good exercise and planned relaxation time, you’ll discover just how much more energy you have each day to perform and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

These are just some of the benefits that coaching can bring to individuals and organisations and we guarantee that you’ll find our coaching programmes illuminating, inspirational and enjoyable.

Using a range of different coaching programmes and techniques to develop and improve management skills, knowledge and confidence, we'll work closely with you to achieve results for both yourself and your organisation and we'd be happy to spend as much time as needed to explain about coaching and how it can help you, your employees and your business.

For a free, no-obligation discussion about your requirements so we can understand exactly how we can help you meet your professional and personal objectives, please contact us