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How We Do It

We're passionate about helping both you and your organisation get work better.  So, how do we do it?

Using a wide range of coaching tools and techniques, we’ll help you learn to access a high performance state called ‘coherence’.  Coherence is a mental and emotional state that people experience when they are “in-sync” – when your heart, brain and emotional nervous system are all working in harmony, helping you to achieve a state of physiological equilibrium and peak performance which athletes recognise and call getting into “the zone”.

More importantly, we also track your progress through our coaching programmes using the Freeze-Framer® Interactive Learning System, HeartMath’s software technology with patented heart rhythm monitor.  This innovative, award-winning system, based on 12 years of scientific research, enables you to observe performance improvements while reducing stress and increasing energy and health - every day.

This unique Freeze-Framer® Interactive Learning System allows you to see your own heart beating in real time on a PC screen.  You’ll see how your heart rhythm pattern alters as your body responds to different stimuli or situations - such as frustration, anxiety or stress – and you’ll learn how to apply HeartMath’s practical and innovative techniques to improve your energy levels, health and awareness - on demand - positively impacting on performance, leadership capacity, emotional intelligence, decision-making, interpersonal skills and stress levels.

Freeze-Framer® has been used by thousands of managers in hundreds of organizations around the world.  This science-based programme is designed to improve individual and organizational performance while simultaneously reducing the effects of workplace stress and, in studies with more than 200 managers at BP, Shell, Unilever and Motorola, it’s been shown to positively impact key performance indicators and business outcomes including the following benefits :

Business benefits :

Effective stress reduction
Increased perceptual clarity and accuracy
Enhanced decision-making
Reduced decision-making fatigue
Increased emotional balance
Enhanced ability to see the "big picture"
Increased ability to respond quickly and dynamically to challenges
Improved work/life balance

Stress reduction health benefits :

Increased stamina and vitality
Improved blood pressure
Improved nervous system synchronisation
Improved immune function and reduced illness
Effective stress reduction 

Most importantly, our coaching sessions are all about YOU and what YOU want and need. 

We always work closely with every client to ensure we start from a win/win situation where everybody benefits and there's a real payback in terms of investment of time and money.

Results are what you need - results are what we deliver.