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Break Through Coaching Sessions


What are Breakthrough Coaching Sessions?

Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are designed to help you find that vital solution, that new idea, that clear way forward – in other words, to help you get RESULTS.

We all get times when we feel stuck – our inspiration dries up, we feel blocked by circumstances or situations or we just can’t see the wood for the trees.  That’s where coaching can help – a fresh pair or eyes can make all the difference and, with our support, help and encouragement, you’ll discover new ways of doing things in a way that leaves you focused on what needs to happen next. 

That’s why our Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are so effective.  Not only do we help you identify new ideas and solutions, we also track your progress during each session using the Freeze-Framer® Interactive Learning System, HeartMath’s software technology with patented heart rhythm monitor. 

This innovative, award-winning system, based on 12 years of scientific research, will show you how changing your thoughts and behaviour can positively affect your performance.  You’ll actually see your heart rhythm pattern – in real time - on a PC screen, enabling you to observe performance changes and improvements during every session.  You’ll also learn how to manage and reduce stress and improve your energy and health. 

Who are Breakthrough Coaching Sessions aimed at?

Our Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are aimed at managers who want to resolve a particular issue or situation.  They’re designed to help you focus and concentrate on finding a solution so you can develop a clear idea of what you need to do, how to do it and when.

Our coaching sessions will benefit :

  • First line supervisors with little or no experience in managing people

  • New managers who have just been promoted, taken on additional responsibility or recently changed roles

  • Experienced managers and executives faced with new, unfamiliar or difficult situations and who would benefit from a little extra support

  • Successful managers who are already clear on their goals and direction and would benefit from an extra sounding-board and an injection of inspiration

  •  Business owners – it can be lonely at the top so you’ll get real benefits from using a performance coach – use them to bounce ideas off, help you narrow down your options and get back that sense of focus, direction and control

What do the sessions involve?

Coaching sessions are all about achieving results.  Whatever it is that you want to do, professionally or personally, you’ll find it easier when you share your ideas with some-one who is honest, objective and focused purely on you and what you want to achieve. 

Before each coaching session you’ll be asked to complete a coaching preparation form to list your objectives and goals for the session.  You’ll also be asked to list the actions you’ve taken since the last coaching session (if applicable) and what, if anything, remains outstanding.

During the session we’ll really get down to details – we’ll discuss the current situation, agree your aims and objectives, identify as many options as possible and then help you design your own action plan with timescales to achieve it. 

Our objective is to provide the help, support and encouragement you need to help you get results.  You’ll learn how to identify and remove whatever is holding you back or interfering with your success.  Whether that’s a lack of direction, fear of failure, heavy workload, stress or any of the normal worries and concerns that hold us back from time to time – our sessions are designed to reassure you that you’re not alone. 

You have everything you need to solve your problems – you just need to discuss things in a safe, impartial, non-judgmental environment with some-one who believes totally in you.

How long does it take?

Breakthrough Coaching Sessions usually take 2 to 2½ hours.  Sessions can be held in the mornings or afternoons as convenient.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions normally take place in your workplace so it’s convenient and ensures you don’t need to take too long away from the office.  Occasionally we may hold sessions in another location if we feel you would benefit from a change of surroundings.  These would normally be held in a private meeting room at a local business centre.  All of this will be discussed with you before the coaching session begins.

What do they achieve?

Breakthrough Coaching sessions are all about results, results, RESULTS!  They’re certainly not just about talking, although you’ll be doing plenty of that too.  They’re about helping you identify and achieve your goals by putting in place the help and support you need to take action.

You’ll soon begin to feel more focused and more confident in your daily role (and there will be spin-off benefits in your personal life too) as you learn how to resolve the issues that have been holding you back.  You’ll also become more aware of yourself and others and will enjoy a sense of achievement as you move closer to achieving your preferred solution. 

Your levels of job satisfaction should increase, any sense of frustration will gradually decrease as you learn how to apply and use the HeartMath techniques, your stress levels will drop and your work/life balance should improve.

Why should I sign up?

You will benefit from a Coaching Breakthrough Session if you want to:

  • resolve a situation or issue which is frustrating you or holding you back

  • find a solution to a new project or problem you’ve been struggling with for ages

  • embed new skills, knowledge or training back in the workplace

  • unearth and tap your potential and creativity

  • increase your ability to cope with and welcome change

  • improve your confidence and decision-making ability

  • learn new techniques to feel more relaxed and focused and help you get into “the zone”

  • remove performance fears and anxieties

These sessions will help you learn new problem-solving techniques and design effective action plans to bring you success... you’ll finally make that break-through you’ve been looking for.