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Wouldn't life be great if you had some-one to talk to about those difficult business problems or when you can't see the wood for the trees?

The problem with seeking answers from friends and business colleagues is that they don't understand your business like you do.  They're not close enough to it in the way you are, and they probably don't have either the experience or skills to help you do the right thing.  Sympathy yes, answers no.  So who do you call? 

Le Marinel Consulting recognises that many business owners do not desire the involvement of external Consultants on the basis that confidential information about their business will need to be revealed.  We respect this desire for total confidentiality. 

However, working in management or running your own business can be difficult and sometimes an impartial unbiased opinion can help clarify what seemed to be an insoluble problem.  At the same time we can offer our specialist mentoring and coaching service where we offer training and guidance in specific business processes such as project planning or financial control systems without the need for any confidential information to be revealed.

A business mentor can provide a wealth of experience for you to draw on, providing not only an objective sounding-board, but who can help you explore ideas and possibilities in a safe, supportive environment with confidence.  Your mentor also has personal knowledge and experience of the business issues involved and can help you come up with solutions that fit your business. 

A business mentor will provide an experienced, unbiased view and can suggest a wide rage of options using their close knowledge of your business sector as well as their ability to stay distanced from the detail.

At Le Marinel Consulting we've been mentoring businesses for more than 40 years', working at every level from junior manager to senior executive, and we've already helped hundreds of businesses successfully overcome many of the hurdles facing your business right now.

So enjoy the benefits of having your own personal business mentor and contact us now for an informal discussion on how our mentoring services can help you move forward.

Alternatively, please check out our Manager Support Programme and our Coaching Breakthrough Sessions for more information on how coaching can help you and your business move forward.