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Strategic Planning

Planning is a vital part of any business.  Without it, you'll never know whether you're going in the right direction.  Or, if you're too stuck in the details, you may miss a chance to react quickly and grasp that new business opportunity.

Le Marinel Consulting can perform a strategic analysis of your organisation to determine the expectations, objectives, resources and environment in which you have to operate.

This analysis will lead to the generation and evaluation of potential options to help you move forward, plus an appropriate selection of opportunities to help you design that final strategy.

Assistance can be provided to design and implement your new or revised Business Plan covering resource planning, organisation structure planning together with people and systems requirements.

The overall outcome is to create a clear, written Business Strategy which can be used as a tool to decide on business expansion, change of direction or to seek new finance.

Our Lead Consultant is an expert in business strategy and planning so contact us now for more information how we can help your business really get going.