Project Management

At Le Marinel Consulting, we aim to build and deliver project management solutions that exceed customer expectations, using well-defined, reliable, flexible, economical and adaptable processes from end-to-end in our business cycles to make sure your project is delivered right - on time and to budget. 

Defining project success before you start requires critical and conceptual thinking.  Every project consists of a chain of events and achievements - it's not just a deliverable and a due date, it's also a strategic result that needs to be defined through clear consultation with stakeholders.

That's why we provide guidance and assistance from the conceptual stage right through to delivery. 

To ensure success, we work with you to :

  • Start at the end of the project and work backwards. Problems are identified, available solutions are studied, potential solutions determined and a project brief is created

  • The project will be scoped to define the vision and the end-results of the project

  • A needs analysis document will gather detailed information like target audience, technology profiling, budget and schedule, staffing and risks. 

  • A project scope or proposal document will be developed to meet project needs

  • A team will be selected to work on the project and the team members are then identified

  • A project plan is developed containing a description of the project management activities that will be necessary for the execution and control of the project

Your Project Manager will :

  • Identify and secure an effective project team, identifying the roles and responsibilities of each team member, how they communicate with each other and build the necessary rapport, undergo training if necessary, resolve conflicts and monitor performance levels

  • Communicate effectively between all the stakeholders and maintain a clear understanding of the status of project's progress to ensure the entire organization is aware of all that happens on the project and project-related activities within the organization

  • Describe strategies and methods to identify and avoid risks throughout the life cycle of the project

  • Develop procedures to manage activities and the schedule of a project involve giving a detailed schedule at the project definition stage.  A work breakdown structure is developed based on the proposal in the project scope document and agreed to in the project contract

  • Ensure that costs are maintained during the project, reviewing budgets and schedules at regular intervals

With many years' of experience in planning and managing both large and small projects, you can be confident that your goals will be achieved within specified deadlines.

For an informal discussion on how we can work with you to manage your projects - large or small - more effectively, contact us now for more information.