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Develop a Winning Marketing Plan (Written under the pseudonym "Phil Stone")

Published by How to Books Ltd in their ESSENTIALS series
April 2001
ISBN - 1857036190
Price: 4.99 (Approximately 96 pages)

Many businesses do not understand the importance of a Marketing Plan. This is a fundamental mistake. Marketing is relevant to all businesses no matter what size and you ignore it at your peril.

The core function of marketing is to identify what customers want and then to satisfy that desire. Unless you understand what customers want there is little chance of you being able to satisfy their demands. The simple point is that if you have no customers you have no business.

Marketing is not a difficult exercise. Whilst many of the management tools used in marketing can seem complicated they are actually simple to understand. They are there to provide a structured framework for you to use to present your Marketing Plan in a logical format.

A Marketing Plan will help you gain an understanding of the market and identify where you have a competitive advantage. This will enable you to set clear objectives as to where you want your business to be in the future. You can then decide on the strategies to use to exploit the opportunities available to you and achieve your overall business goals.

Without clear focus and direction your business is going nowhere.