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Marketing Analysis & Strategy

In every business it is vital to design and implement a long term Marketing Strategy to ensure future growth and, more importantly, ensure that the business stays ahead of the competition.

That's where analysis of the market is all important.

There are a number of factors to consider when completing a Marketing Analysis including :

  • Customers

  • Product Management

  • Pricing Decisions

  • Distribution Channels

  • Promotion Methods

  • Customer Service

  • People Management

Le Marinel Consulting can help you research and design a complete marketing analysis for your business and provide help and guidance on formulating a Marketing Strategy which ensures that your business maximises the opportunities available in your particular market sector.

As part of our consultancy services we provide :

  • Market analysis

  • Competitor research

  • Product/Service design and placement

  • Identification of new markets and/or new products

  • Strategic design and planning

  • Delivery/Action plans

  • Feedback and monitoring

Remember, the market is constantly changing and you need to work hard to keep up with, and preferably beat, your competitors, so you need to review your Marketing Plan on a regular basis to ensure that you retain that essential competitive advantage.

Contact us now for more information on how we can help you review your marketing strategy and take that next step forward.