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Life Coaching Programme


Do you believe in the idea of a perfect life?

It’s an interesting question to play with.  Many people have discovered that they truly can create a perfect life for themselves, but our ideas of a perfect life evolve as our circumstances change, so what seemed perfect a year ago may not be perfect now.

We change jobs, we move house, we get married, we have children … all these things make us look at life differently and it can be useful to take stock every now and again to make sure we’re still on track.

If you could create your perfect life, how many of the following suggestions are in your life right now? :

  • A loving and supportive partner

  • A happy and healthy relationship with your family

  • Friends who share your interests and enjoy spending time with you

  • A loving and supportive partner

  • A happy and healthy relationship with your family

  • Friends who share your interests and enjoy spending time with you

  • Hobbies and activities that stimulate you

  • An active lifestyle and a healthy body to pursue it 

  • Purposeful, fulfilling work that gives you job satisfaction

  • Holidays or regular breaks from your daily routine 

  • The financial security to maintain a decent standard of living and a debt-free existence

  • Playfulness and fun and being able to laugh a lot each day

  • Regular access to a life coach or mentor who always inspires you 

How did you score?  Were there other things you would have included?                               

Everyone has a different idea about what makes them happy, and our goal is to help you identify the solutions that will bring you the joy and fulfilment you deserve. 

Our Life Coaching Programme is exactly what you need to help you design the perfect life for you. 

What the programme involves

Our programme is designed to help you identify what you want to achieve and then help you design a detailed action plan to make things happen. 

First you’ll be asked to complete a coaching questionnaire to identify what you’d like to achieve

You’ll then have six face-to-face meetings with a professional life coach who believes totally in your ability to achieve what you set out to do

Each meeting will be held at a local business centre and will last approximately 1 hour

Your coach will use the I-CAN-DO life coaching programme designed to help you :

I –  gather the relevant background information

C – define your current situation

A – identify and agree what you would like to achieve from coaching

N – discuss a range of options to help you achieve your goals

D – set dates and timescales for any actions to be completed

O – decide on and work towards achieving your specified outcome

Using intuitive questioning and a range of coaching techniques, we’ll help you start identifying the perfect life for you

You’ll then begin designing a personal action plan for success with timescales to achieve it

In-between sessions you’ll also be given a series of actions to complete in order to help you focus on what is most important to you.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have gained a much greater self-knowledge about what makes you happy – you’ll learn how to overcome the feelings or issues that have held you back in the past, and work out exactly how to achieve your personal dreams and goals for the future.

Whether you want to change jobs, lose weight, improve your relationship or just find out what’s missing from your life, your coach will be your confidante, your sounding-board and your greatest supporter ... and, working together, you truly will discover the perfect life for you.

If you’d like more information on how coaching can help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted, please contact us for a free, no obligation discussion.