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I-CAN-DO Manager Support Programme


Too frequently, many managers find themselves fire-fighting or struggling to get the job done. By our own admission we're unable to devote the time we feel we should to long-term planning, taking the "helicopter" view, surveying alternatives or just taking a step back from the front line.

That's where our Manager Support Programme comes in. We will work with you (and your employees) to build self-reliance, self-belief and expand your management capabilities in a way that is right for you and your organisation.

What is the I-CAN-DO Manager Support Programme?

Performance coaching is a critical activity which supports individual development and provides new direction in terms of personal effectiveness, customer satisfaction, improved productivity and organisational success.

Like other competitive individuals such as athletes who hire a personal coach to improve and enhance their performance, business managers are appreciating that they too require coaching in acquiring, maintaining and updating their skills and competencies.

Our Manager Support Programme is therefore designed to help managers gain the confidence and improved personal effectiveness to do their job better while, at the same time, reducing stress and raising confidence and personal energy levels.

Coaching is about change and change entails learning.  Learning is not, however, just about acquiring knowledge, so our programme is based around being able to demonstrate knowledge by taking action.

Who is it aimed at?

Our Manager Support Programme is aimed at anyone with responsibility for managing people.

What does the programme involve?

Our role is to observe and provide an objective perspective on the issues and problems facing managers today – what is working and not working.  We can recognise patterns and spot negative reactions before the manager or business owner does.  We ask questions in a manner that facilitates a discussion of possibilities and opportunities, and guide and support individuals through the process of personal and organisational performance and development.

Our I-CAN-DO coaching programme involves :

I –  gathering relevant background information

C – defining the current situation

A – identifying and agreeing what the aims are for coaching

N – discussing a number of options to be discussed (with the opportunity to try out different scenarios in a safe, non-judgmental environment)

D – setting dates and timescales for any actions to be completed

O – deciding on and working towards the specified outcome

We aim to improve your self-awareness and self-knowledge and help you develop a more participative, consultative and enjoyable style of management.  We also help you discover your ‘true self’ in order to align your personal values and beliefs with those of the organisation to ensure a sense of common cause and shared vision.

Before each coaching session you’ll be asked to complete a coaching preparation form to list your objectives and goals for the session then, during the session, we’ll really get down to details.  We’ll discuss the current situation, agree your aims and objectives, identify as many options as possible then help you design your own action plan with timescales to achieve it.  You’ll also be given a series of activities to complete before you meet your coach again.

Before the next session, we’ll ask you to list the actions you’ve taken since the last coaching session to identify what, if anything, remains outstanding.

Your progress will be tracked during each session using the Freeze-Framer® Interactive Learning System, HeartMath’s software technology with patented heart rhythm monitor.  This innovative, award-winning system, based on 12 years of scientific research, is designed to show you how changing your thoughts and behaviour affects your performance.  You’ll actually see your heart rhythm pattern – in real time - on a PC screen, enabling you to observe performance changes and improvements during every session.  You’ll also learn how to manage and reduce stress and improve your energy and health. 

How long does it take?

Our coaching programme normally involves six meetings over a period of up to three months (or longer), depending on your needs.  We meet with you usually once a fortnight (or more often depending on the level of support required) and meetings normally last 1½ hours.

What does the programme achieve?

The programme is designed to help you achieve results, build your confidence and allow you to return to the workplace with clear goals and an action plan to achieve them.  Your creativity and problem-solving ability will increase as you build rapport with your coach, and your personal effectiveness will increase as you progress through the programme.  You will become a more effective and well-balanced manager.

Why should I sign up?

You will benefit from this programme if you want to :

  • learn how to be a better manager

  • learn how to apply your management skills and expertise more effectively

  • broaden your ideas and adopt better solutions

  • deal more confidently with difficult situations or people

  • improve your problem-solving and decision-making ability

  • encourage and support others

  • increase and sustain your levels of motivation

  • attract more business

  • improve your customer service

  • develop a better work/life balance

  • reduce stress and raise your personal energy levels

Our I-CAN-DO Management Support Programme will help you achieve results, build your confidence and allow you to operate better in the workplace with clear goals and an action plan to achieve them.  Your management skills will also improve as you build up rapport with your coach, and you’ll feel more confident as you progress through the programme.

For more information on how our I-CAN-DO Management Support Programme can help you, your employees and your organisation, please contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.