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Human Resources Planning

Strategic HR deals with the people consequences of strategic change, helping employees adapt to major organizational disruption so that that they understand and support the new demands placed on them.  Change can arise as a consequence of:

  • A merger or acquisition

  • Strategic repositioning of a business due to changing market or regulatory demands

  • Restructuring due to a down turn

  • The introduction of a new IT platform

  • Arrival of a new Chief Executive

HR planning provides an effective and practical means of predicting future staffing requirements so that organizations can more efficiently tackle new initiatives or business changes such as reorganisation, relocation or the introduction of new systems.

It helps retain the most important employees and secure new employees to meet the evolving demands, while controlling costs and improving performance.

HR planning involves three key elements :

  • Data gathering

  • Analysis and forecasting

  • Succession and career planning

These are complex tasks, interrelated with the wider remit of HR, such as organisational culture, workforce development and organisational development and they are difficult to accomplish successfully.

Le Marinel Consulting provides a wide range of HR consultancy support to organizations undergoing strategic change.  In particular, our consultants have considerable experience in:

  • Developing and facilitating cultural change programmes

  • Developing business-focused HR strategies and visions

  • Writing strategic HR plans, policies and procedures

We have worked on a wide variety of different HR planning applications and our experience spans the retail, transport, business-start up, local authority and charity sectors and our consultants are skilled in providing both strategic advice and hands-on assistance to enable the achievement of business goals.

For more information on how we can help your organization deal effectively with a range of HR issues, contact us now for more information.