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Fraud Prevention

Managing the risk of fraud should be a high priority for all businesses although often, unfortunately, the real risk of fraud is not even considered.

It is important that there is a highly visible and consistent approach to fraud prevention in order that a culture of zero tolerance can be emphasised to all employees.

We can help in this regard by assisting with the preparation of a suitable anti-fraud strategy which can be communicated to all employees.

We can also ensure that the systems that you have in place to prevent fraud are robust and are not being compromised in any way.

Whilst we could never certify that fraud is not taking place, we can help to ensure that the possibility of fraud remaining undetected is minimised.

If your fraud prevention is to be successful you must maintain a programme of fraud awareness to all managers and employees. We can assist with tailored training courses specifically aimed at the threats of fraud which may be encountered in your business or organisation.

Our expertise in this respect is acknowledged and sought after. We have trained Internal Auditors in the Public Sector as well as running a number of workshops at Fraud Conferences in the UK and Europe.