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Anti-Fraud Policies

There are various forms of policy that can help you in the fight against fraud in your business.  At the very least you should have :

  • A Code of Conduct

  • An Anti-Fraud Strategy

  • A fraud Response Plan

  • A whistle-blowing Policy

Policies alone, however, cannot ensure that the appropriate controls to prevent employee fraud are maintained.  It is extremely important to communicate to all staff that fraud will not be tolerated, and we therefore offer a range of support services to get this message across including training for managers and communication methods to inform employees.

To effectively fight against fraud, an anti-fraud culture must be endorsed and followed at all levels, meaning that it applies to managers and high-achievers just as much as any other employee.  This is only achieved by taking action and not condoning low-level fraud, for example petty pilfering of stationery or the inflation of business expenses.

Le Marinel Consulting can help you design and implement policies which quickly protect your business as well as providing practical hands-on advice on how to take action against fraud. 

For assistance with the preparation of appropriate anti-fraud policies and for any other advice on fraud prevention and detection, contact us now.