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Fraud Investigation

In the event that you have already uncovered fraud in your business, or have a suspicion that fraud is being committed, we can assist with confidential investigations.

We can give advice on how to obtain evidence without alerting the suspect and how to preserve evidence in order that it may be used in any subsequent criminal prosecution.

Where necessary we can undertake confidential staff interviews to establish the facts of the situation and provide advice and guidance on how best to proceed.

Where appropriate we will compile a suitable report and evidence file that can be referred to the police for use in a potential prosecution which may help with recovering any money stolen from your business.

The whole process of fraud investigation is a specialised area.  It requires skills, judgment, knowledge and expertise.  So call in the experts and contact us now for help, advice and guidance.

We also offer specialised training to managers and employees on how to detect fraud in their business or organisation. For more details please see our training workshops.