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Fraud Management

Did you know that between 3-7% of all business turnover is lost to employee fraud? 

So how much is your business losing? How do you find out?  And, more importantly, what can you do about it?

Le Marinel Consulting are experts when it comes to fraud - investigating fraud, detecting fraud and preventing fraud.  We're committed to keeping your business safe and your profits where they should be .... in your business, not in the pockets of your employees.

Fraud is seldom witnessed firsthand.  It's a crime that's often shrouded in ambiguity and it's sometimes difficult even to determine whether or not a crime has actually been committed.  Only the symptoms of fraud exist to alert managers that a crime is taking place.

Fraud can be categorised under three broad headings:

Internal Fraud:


Perpetrated by management or employees - this is the most common form of fraud found in organisations.
External Fraud:


Where the fraud is perpetrated by someone outside the organisation. This could include the targeting of your business by organised criminals.
Corruption or collusion:


Fraud perpetrated with the cooperation of an inside employee and an outsider. This is one of the most difficult frauds to recognise.

Most indications of internal fraud fall into one of six categories:

  1. Accounting anomalies

  2. Internal control symptoms

  3. Analytical anomalies

  4. Lifestyle symptoms

  5. Behavioural symptoms

  6. Tips and complaints.

Fraud occurs when pressure, opportunity, and rationalisation come together. Most people have pressures. Everyone rationalises. When internal controls are absent or overridden, everyone also has an opportunity to commit fraud.

Organisations make the mistake of not actively searching for fraud. They tend to trust their employees and trust the procedures in place to safeguard company assets.

It may be good business to trust employees and empower them to make real contributions to the growth of the company. However, it is not wise to turn a blind eye to signs that a trusted employee may be stealing. 

Never underestimate the effects of fraud - a number of high profile businesses have been forced into liquidation through the criminal acts of employees!

Our Principal Consultant is a leading expert in fraud detection and prevention methods so act now to protect your business and contact us for advice.