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Buying a Franchise (Written under the pseudonym "Phil Stone")

Published by How to Books Ltd in their ESSENTIALS series
December 2000
ISBN - 1857036182
Price: £5.00 (Approximately 64 pages)

Did you know…

Four out of Five new start businesses usually fail within five years and yet around 90% of new franchise operations will have succeeded.

Franchising provides an opportunity to purchase a tried and tested business concept with usually an established brand image.

Gaining funding to purchase a franchise is easier than raising money for a new start business.

The franchise market is expanding rapidly. When the book was originally written there were some 570 different franchise opportunities with a combined annual turnover of £7 billion.

The cost of purchasing a franchise can range from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Buying a franchise is not an easy option, you still have to work hard to succeed.

Key Points

  • The book strips away all the myths and jargon relating to franchising and clearly explains the disadvantages as well as the advantages of buying a franchise

  • It is written in an easy to understand manner to allow you to explore whether franchising is suitable for you

  • Provides practical advice and guidance on how to select and evaluate a franchise opportunity

  • Contains a comprehensive outline of what you can expect to get for your money and what will be expected from you once you have purchased a franchise.