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Customer Service

  • Do you want to increase customer satisfaction levels?

  • Do you want to retain your existing customers?

  • Do you want to differentiate your brand in the marketplace by delivering customer service excellence?

If customers are important to your organisation... then you need a practical approach to achieving Customer Service Excellence in your organisation.

Research shows that organizations are challenged by :

  • Really understanding customer needs

  • Tailoring services to meet needs

  • Providing quality customer care and follow up

  • Identifying benefits that customers have gained from services

If your organization is ready to tackle such challenges, then Le Marinel Consulting can actively support you to achieve real Customer Service Excellence.  We have more than 10 years' experience of embedding successful effective customer service strategies into large and small organisations and can really help you stand out from the competition.

Whatever your organisationís size, sector or specialisation, focusing on the customer at every step of the way is crucial to your ongoing success.

Excellence at the customer interface is the key to:

  • Building your business

  • Establishing a real competitive advantage

  • Winning more customers

  • Maximising your customers' loyalty and future custom

Le Marinel Consulting offers a proven methodology to help organizations such as yours achieve and maintain customer service excellence.

Our simple assessment process will help you :

  • Develop a strategy for those customer-facing on the front line

  • Establish a truly customer-oriented culture

  • Build teams within and across departments

  • Ensure real commitment throughout your organisation to the Customer Service Excellence journey

You'll soon enjoy real benefits which will transform your business :

  • Real Impact:  Increased financial turnover

  • Real Impact:  Improved services

  • Real Impact:  Winning new customers

  • Real Impact:  Competitive Differentiation

  • Real Impact:  Customer loyalty

So if you're a customer-focused organization striving to make customer service excellence your priority, contact us now for more information.