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Coaching Programs


Le Marinel Consulting provides a range of coaching and mentoring support packages designed to meet the specific needs of managers and owners of small to medium-sized businesses. 

Our programmes are designed to identify and remove the daily stresses and frustrations which prevent managers from achieving their full potential. 

Using a range of 1:1 coaching interventions, we help managers increase their confidence and personal effectiveness levels by assisting them to identify clear goals and design action plans to achieve them.  This ensures managers can become more effective in their daily roles quickly without taking up valuable management time or resources which are needed elsewhere.

Our most popular programmes are designed to support :

  •  Newly appointed supervisors or managers

  •  Managers who have recently changed roles

  •  Employees just before, during and after promotion

  •  Managers who have taken on new or additional responsibility

  • Managers involved with a new project/challenge or facing a tight deadline

  • A refresher for existing managers who may not have had any recent training

  • Managers struggling with a particular issue, challenge or scenario

  • Successful managers who would benefit from additional motivation and direction

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the coaching support provided, we track your progress using the Freeze-Framer® Interactive Learning System, HeartMath’s software technology with patented heart rhythm monitor.  This innovative, award-winning system, based on 12 years of scientific research, enables you to observe performance improvements while reducing stress and increasing energy and health - every day. 

You will therefore be able to see – in real time – the progress you’re making before, during and after each coaching intervention.

Further information on our programmes is provided below :

Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

I-CAN-DO Manager Support Programme

We always like to talk to our customers in detail to ensure we understand your needs completely before putting forward a proposal for coaching support.  So please feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation discussion on how coaching can help support you, your employees and your business.